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Company news

Breaking News: National New Hi-Tech Enterprise Awarded to Dongguan Runlihua
news source: release time:2017-03-24 10:37:09 browse number:

As official letter from related authorities released on March 2017, Dongguan Runlihua company has been awarded National New Hi-Tech Enterprise under certification code GR2011644004590 for 3-year validity.

On March 23, 2017 officials from Dongguan local departments representing the Guangdong Provincial Authorities had firmly recognized the contribution of Dongguan Runlihua in technology developments.

In regard to the High and New Techology Enterprise, it refers to the related R&D, Manufacturing , Marketing and Services that have profound influence in the industry with patents registered. The products developed are all listed in the national catalog in which the developments are representing the latest know-how trends covering R&D, Trial, Production, Promotion and Applications in entities national wide that eventually will contribute to the economy growing and the cornerstone of national economic activities.

Being Professional and dedicated with fully implemented corporate value -- Quality First Service First, Run Lihua has been conducting innovative platform for better know-how to consolidate the resources for better future. Aiming for better, safer and cost-effective Eco-friendly industry developments, Dongguan Runlihua will constantly upgrade the overall know-how to realize the values of : Professional, Effective and Cost-saving.

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