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Chinese water-based ink Market Outlook
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●  the domestic water-based ink purchase regional distribution and Prospects

According to related statistics show that the main purchasing power concentrated water-based ink in South China and East China, from 2001 to 2004 the proportion of water-based ink accumulated purchase of 41% in southern China, East China procurement ratio of 35%, the proportion of procurement in North China 14%, other 10% the proportion of procurement area. Expected by the end of 2006, the South China region grew to 50 percent, rising to 13% in other regions, while the eastern and northern areas will have increased significantly. And from 2001 to 2004 mainly aqueous ink basically domestically, mainly domestic water-based ink quality has basically cross the border, to meet the requirements of carton printing and has an absolute advantage on price, so most companies choose the domestic ink. Expected by the end of 2006, the origin of water-based ink is still mainly domestic, with the exception of southern China, the region imported products, the proportion was 55%.

Domestic ink manufacturers occupy 80% market share for corrugated boxes, in the well-known manufacturers of a certain size are: Guangdong Zhaoqing Denon ink, ink Orient, Shanghai World proud, Shanxi essence of science, industry, etc; joint ventures, foreign investment ink manufacturers : Tianjin Toyo Ink, Flint Ink, Pacific Ink Ink corrugated box industry in products and production is very good manufacturers. In addition, with the flexographic should brush continues to develop, many small-scale ink factory have been established, competitive market for ink caused some impact, but the user can select general mainly to manufacturers of technical strength, quality and credibility of the product to measure standard.

●  the future prospects aqueous ink market forecast

Environmentally friendly water-based ink is currently the most important application areas flexographic printing and gravure printing, and printing of these two products most of packaging products, including food packaging, tobacco packaging, children's toys and packaging accounts for a sizeable proportion. In the flexo packaging printing, at home and abroad are using water-based inks majority. Widely used water-based flexo ink, is an important factor in the flexographic printing to the rapid development.

With China's accession to the WTO and strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, advanced alcohol-soluble and water-soluble inks and other environmentally friendly ink will show a rapid growth momentum. Experts predict that in recent years, the domestic market demand for water-based gravure inks, water-based flexographic printing ink special inks and other products will rise. The following is the domestic market demand before the product on a variety of water-based ink.

1), water-based flexographic ink: the future market demand is steadily, but the magnitude is not too large, will grow at 5% to 6% rate, the proportion of 40% to 45%, wherein rotation Offset Inks growth will be faster.

2), water-based intaglio ink: the general situation is in a steady state, but one of the plastic ink printing and surface printing in the case of an upward trend, which is the international trend is different, because here it comes to recycling and other issues.

3), water screen printing ink: The next screen printing will maintain a rapid pace of development, technical level will gradually increase, the industrial scale will be further expanded. According to the pundits predicted that the future value of the proportion of the world screen printing from 5% in the 1980s to 10 percent rise in GDP in the entire print production. Undoubtedly, China Screen Printing is pregnant more room for development and potential markets. By 2008, China will become the world's largest water-based screen printing ink market, our future will be screen printing depth, breadth development. "Deep" is to a higher level of development, the international community has already widely used screen printing computer design, plate making, carving and other advanced electronic technology, while China to these new technologies still in the research stage of the trial; "wide" is the development of new screen printing products, such as large outdoor screen advertising.

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