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Water-based ink printing advantages of plastics
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Plastic water-based ink is water-based resins, additives, pigments, water and other raw materials composition. When the election materials are required to meet environmental requirements, all in the production process instead of organic solvents with pure water. Water-based ink non-flammable, non-explosive, odorless, non-toxic, is the world's most environmentally friendly printing inks currently.

●  Environmental advantages of water-based ink

Since the plastic water-based ink using water as a solvent, free of organic solvent (VOC) volatilization during printing, no odor. On the environment, on the print operator's body were not any pollution and damage. Water-based ink product itself does not burn, but not due to electrostatic and electrical short circuit causes such as fire, using water-based inks, printing without any residual solvent, to comply with any countries and regions in the world for food packaging and other packaging requirements of environmental protection .

●  Water-based inks in the printing cost advantage

Use water-based ink, first of all it does not require any organic solvent diluted with water only can be. Printing industry often say "how much solvent can be added," such as adding 30% -50% of the solvent in the ink, and mistakenly believe that adding a solvent as possible, so the lower the costs. In actual fact, the added 30% -50% solvent are added to the entire printing process, which is caused due to the volatilization of the solvent added for the ink viscosity change. The faster printing speed required for the deployment of a volatile diluent should sooner, the number of the more solvent is added, which is equal to printing costs continue to increase, so after not join 5KG 10KG solvent ink printing is started, the ink industry standards, high color density ink, low viscosity (except for the screen, etc.) is good ink. This relates to the printing ink manufacturer selected raw materials, such as the size of the molecular weight of the resin formulations, production processes and so on. The printing process the amount of solvent in addition to the print shop closed, the rest are due to factors such as temperature, wind, etc. arising from changes in the ink was added only as a diluent to reduce the viscosity of the ink, making it suitable for printing, such as excessive added color density of the ink will be reduced, while reducing weight binder, thus no good printed products. Therefore, the water-based ink only add pure water, and is added to disposable (prepress). In the printing process, it will not because of changes in viscosity caused color changes, but not as the ink as waste because of the way when you need to add diluent print produced, which greatly improve the passing rate of printing, saving the cost of the solvent, reducing the appearance of this waste is one of the aqueous ink cost advantage.

Currently the printing inks industry procurement, some companies only look at the surface of a single price, will not consider other aspects. Such as white ink, to see its surface monovalent cheaper, but requires the use of printing 40μ deep or more plates to print, some even using 60μ deep printing plate, which is mainly due to the use of 35μ or less after printing plates, printed hiding goods is not enough, white enough, we can only make a fuss on the plate, the plate will surely ink thickness deep, slow printing speed, which not only do not increase production, but also exponentially increased costs, such as per KG ink printing area will be greatly reduced to printing area to count, 18 yuan / KG white ink plus diluent its printing due to the small size, so it's cost will increase exponentially, with deep printing, suitable only for India On the weight of product delivery business.

First, using water-based ink printing hardware is better, such as good drying equipment, light Edition. Shallow version to use water-based ink printing, avoiding the water ripples, and enhanced the printing speed is more important is to increase the printing area, such as the use of 25μ deep white ink printing, print area up to 180-200 square meters. The printing ink required 40μ or more plate printing, its print area is only about 100 square meters. A medium-sized printing companies, such as the amount of ink 10 tons per month, to accomplish the same amount of printing, using water-based inks can be printed only by 5.5-6.5 tons. For example, by comparing mid-range composite ink, 5 colors average unit price of 25 yuan / KG, 10 tons per month ink is 250,000 yuan, plus matching 30% of the solvent, the average price of 8 yuan / KG, ie, 3 tons Solvent 24,000 yuan, 274,000 yuan is equal to use of the material to complete the print volume, while the same amount of water-based printing inks, just six tons, the average price of water-based ink is 30 yuan / KG, that is, with 180,000 Materials yuan to complete the same amount of printing, printing companies can save $ 1 million a year for materials, it is often said ink consumption, size is crucial from the above comparison is not difficult to see the amount of ink used . Integrated computing products, in order to enable enterprises to create greater economic benefits.

The production of water-based ink and the ink is different, so it's also different sales methods, sales of ink ink is finished, if the ink color saturation is not enough, only made to accommodate deep version, which is not only time consuming, but also increases the consumption of ink volume, while sales of water-based ink, in addition to finished ink, the printing companies can also buy the paste to the water-based ink manufacturers, while providing the water-based ink resin plant technology suppliers and after the process, the implementation of their own with ink, such an approach is not only can greatly reduce the cost of the finished ink, printing orders can also be adjusted at any time according to the printing ink of categories, such as India where the composite can be adjusted to the remaining aqueous ink sheet ink, gravure printing is also possible to adjust the flexographic printing plastic printed paper. The implementation of a multi-purpose ink, reduce ink inventory, reduce capital occupation, its flexibility and low cost of this model popular in foreign countries, a considerable part of our enterprises have adopted this approach, with this method dubbed ink Price lower than the purchase cost of ink about 20 percent, according to the amount of ink used is calculated using only water-based printing ink 15 million of the amount of 274,000 yuan will be able to complete the printing ink.

Other characteristics of the water-based inks, such as printing speed, gloss, abrasion resistance, etc. have been published in 2005 (Flexible Packaging magazine), and this is not stated.

Use water-based ink should have the conditions and precautions

You must understand the characteristics of water-based inks before using water-based ink. However, due to traditional practices and conservative ideology, so that part of the soft bag companies still fail to grasp the water-based ink printing technology. In fact, in the printing process so-called water-based ink printing technology and ordinary ink printing technology is the same. But why there are some soft package printing companies also not qualified products? This is mainly failed to grasp the good water-based inks on press reflected characteristics.

First press should have a good drying equipment, blown substrates surface temperature between -80 ℃, a strong wind 60 ℃. Because each of the printing press and drying device is different, the position sensor is also different. As the oven long enough, the film moving around when the oven temperature is reached before the half temperature thermometer not shown, that is, the temperature of the thermometer displayed a temperature ranging from drying the surface of the substrate, which is the wind so have a great relationship. Therefore, the same drying temperature is 80 degrees, different plant appeared different printing speeds. Another wind position of the oven, can not have the situation blown down, avoid stuffed version of such phenomena.

Light version. Why use water-based ink light version. This is mainly to improve the printing speed, to avoid the water ripples. Printing more shallow, the more thin layers of ink on the substrate. Such aqueous ink color requirements of the higher concentration, in addition, thin ink printing speed can be improved.

The aqueous ink required to print the amount of daily, preferably with a vat for unified dilution (add water). The viscosity of water-based ink is consistent, in the way only add a new printing ink, so that the color can be avoided and waste. Each printing enterprises according to experience in printing, printing speed, the depth of the plate to be diluted. The viscosity of the more shallow plate would lower the ink, the printing speed can be faster. On the contrary, the deeper the plate, the higher the viscosity of the ink, the slower printing speed, any printing viscosity should be much to say, if the actual situation from the printing business. That is baseless, it is unscientific.

Water-based ink in the ink tank down to rotate the plate for 2-3 minutes, stirring and aims to play a dampening effect, then do not put down the blade. Part of the printing business, there are still pulling down the film, printing stops for too long causing the plug version. Because of different water-based ink and ink, ink version of the plug and then rotating plate, ink can be reconstituted to eliminate Serbian version of the phenomenon. However, water-based ink is not reconstituted, if necessary re-plug version of the washout, affect efficiency.

Printing on the way, stop the observed effect may be pressure roller rises, continue to rotate the plate, the plate as much as possible to shorten the stop time. Midway rest, can set off the blade, keeping the rotation of the plate.

India finished later fell back to the aqueous ink bucket, sealed, until later reuse. Use water to clean the plate, the action to be fast. Water-based ink has not yet dried, can be completely with water can be cleaned. If there Cypriot version available water washing soap powder can also be cleaned with a solvent, all of washing machine water and wash your hands in water, best to create several pools precipitate is filtered, to avoid contamination of groundwater sources.

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