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Green ink make green printing possible
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The environment has always been the problem of world attention in the current "green", "green" situation under growing louder, printing on the environment as an industry will have some impact, but also began to focus on their own behavior, began to participate in this world. range of actions in the past. Ink, one of the raw materials in print, also started his own Green Road, all types of green ink came into being. It is understood that, in being developed "Olympic Green Procurement Guidelines", the tickets also require the use of the Olympic green ink for printing. Using environmentally friendly ink, has gradually become a fashion in the printing industry, it has become a way of printing enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. Just below in this situation, a brief description of some of the current wider application of green ink.

●  the water-based ink

 Water-based inks (Water-based Inks) referred to as the ink is a water-soluble resin b, organic pigments, surfactants and related additives processed by complex grinding. Water-based ink is non-toxic, pollution-free, no residual odor environmentally friendly ink, printing ink is all only by the US Food and Drug Association-approved non-toxic ink. Especially for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, children's toys and daily contact with the body of packaging and other health conditions require strict packaging printed. Ink can be diluted with water or any alcohol, you can use tap water, particularly convenient to use, but is printed on the substrate and completely dry, do not dissolve in water, and water resistant. In recent years, along with water-based ink binders, progress, quality and processing technology aqueous pigment ink has been greatly improved to improve, it has been able to adapt to the more intricate printing. Water-based ink varieties have been more and more, more and more extensive range of applications, it is not only in the coated paper, offset paper, white paper printing, may also be in aluminum foil, gold and silver cardboard, synthetic paper and plastic coating printing paper, plastic film, adhesive paper, corrugated boxes, and other printing support.

At present, there are varieties of water-based ink: high-precision ink, polyolefin ink, ink aluminum foil, cartons ink, water-based gold and silver ink, transparent ink, decorative wallpaper ink, pearl ink, fluorescent ink, heat-resistant ink, tipping paper ink, water Varnish, ink additives.

Water-based ink because of its non-toxic, tasteless, easy to use, simple operation, environmental protection and other characteristics gradually by China flexible packaging industry's favor, China still flexo water-based ink applications, mainly used in the food, pharmaceutical and tobacco packaging.

●  UV inks

UV ink is the use of certain wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation, via instant photochemical reaction, the liquid into a solid new environmentally friendly ink. Flexographic printing with UV inks tend to be more diluted, its viscosity range of about 260CP ~ 2000CP (CP as viscosity units, translated cps), more than offset UV ink viscosity is much smaller.

  UV radiation curable products (including UV ink) with high efficiency, energy saving, no solvent emissions, no environmental pollution, product performance known as "the 21st century green industry new technology", its safety has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency .

  UV ink is not only a solvent-free security inks, but also has many excellent features such as easy to paste version, network high definition, ink bright light, excellent chemical resistance, the amount of the province and the like. UV ink application, not only environmentally friendly, but also will help to improve the quality of printed products to improve and promote the further development of printing technology.

  At present, there are varieties of UV inks: UV paper, ink, UV ink polyolefin, UV pearlescent ink, UV transparent ink, UV varnish, UV additives.

●  the alcohol-soluble ink

  Currently ink industry has been working to develop less polluting to the environment alcohol-soluble ink, alcohol-soluble ink is the main solvent consumption of ethanol (alcohol), for the use of alcohol-soluble ink can solve printing ink benzene health arising from injury and prevent benzene benzene residue affects the quality of packaged food. Such green ink production, will improve in plastic flexible packaging gravure printing industry competitiveness. The past two years, China ink suppliers a lot of production of some alcohol-soluble ink, and most flexible factory also began to consider the use of alcohol-soluble ink for printing. However, due also to the use of alcohol-soluble ink of lipid solvent, it will still cause some solvent residue can not be completely in line with food, medicine and other packaging safety requirements.

●  soy inks

Soy inks (Soy ink or called Vegetable ink) is salad oil and other edible oil feedstock. Salad oil as a refined vegetable oil, pass a rigorous series of bleaching, deodorizing, refining processes to remove free fatty acids and other processing. Its fluidity and excellent in coloring and transparent, colorful, easy to fade. Moreover, this printed matter printed with soy in the use and reproduction process, does not produce toxic and harmful substances pollute the environment, but also to protect the health of production personnel. Originally soy inks are mainly used in the newspaper industry, and now with the worldwide attention on the environment, more and more other printing field also started to pay attention and use soy ink.

●  other green ink

Other environmentally friendly ink also include biological ink, ink and so on. These materials using environmentally friendly inks formulated new plays an important role in the printing field.

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