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Water-based Printing Ink from RunLiHua

Huagou cards the characteristics Ink

1.High-precision Water-based Flexo Ink: used in W&H, GALLUS, XI’AN AEROSPACE-HUAYANG and other various flexo-graphic printing machineries. Main advantages: fast drying, water-proof, anti-resistance, reliable printing adaptability, high gloss, high brightness, easy storage and applicable in wide range of materials. 

2.Carton ink: adapt to premium color-printing on cartons. The characteristics are :firm attachment, water-resistant wear. 

3.Water-based Gravure Ink: Used for thin-film packaging, wall paper and wooden furniture. Main Advantages: fast drying, zero-pollution, zero- odor, water-proof, anti-resistance and applicable in wide range of materials. 

4.Water-based gold, silver ink: adapt to premium packaging printings. The characteristics are : the use of antioxidant treatment of imported raw materials increases production a metallic sheen sense, good printability, We also provide with the various diluents , auxiliaries and toner ink which are dedicated to gold and silver ink. 

5.Pearl ink : adapt to high-grade label printing .The characteristics are : ornate and elegant color and texture ,strong and firmly attached. In addition to the silvery white, there are various rainbow colors and the pearl-drying ink are also provided. 

6.Fluorescent ink : adopt to special commodity printing .The characteristics are : a certain security function , firm attachment , water-resistance and good printability.

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