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Dongguan Run Li Hua Company, Ltd.

Head Office: Xinbian Industry Zone, Hengli Town, Dongguan
Tel :86-769-83373502
Fax :86-769-83371233
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Company culture

1.jpg● Run Lihua's core values are:

Balance--- Customers and corporate 

Development--- Being innovative and creative

Interests --- Only team makes perfect

  Run Lihua people with great mindset of serving our clients is the key of our success under the markets circumstances that with changing factors.

  We serve then we gain, we gain then we give, eventually we serve. Heritaged from 1986, we firmly believe keep eyes on changing world for better life means advantage in the competitive business.


● Entrepreneurial and innovative spirits are the constant gene in the Run Lihua cultural developments.

  Roots of Run Lihua developments have laid deeply in the developments of personnel based on which customers can be served in a matter of Care. Being Proactive and initiative are what a person like CEO should abserve which make the differences of client experiences.

3.jpg● One person alone is a win-win concept of interest-run Lihua continuity of safeguards.

  Employees, clients, stockholders are all key elements of the success of the Run Lihua company since establishment. We are all in one by countless connections that trigger interests among us into One in this evolving business condition. We focus mainly on the experiences of clients.

  Being managed or proactive managing yourselves are what we have been practicing ever sine and from such, we have largely release the power of individuals to develop at the most.

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